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Need assistance? The team at Bodhesla Rae has compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you're looking for or need further help, feel free to reach out anytime.

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Will any of your recipes make me fail a drug test?

Bodhesla Rae has answers to your questions.

Will these pills make me feel funny? Can I take them while I work?

If you have found life to be hard and depressing then yes, it may feel funny to feel better but you will definitely not be hallucinating or anything along those lines. Most of us have found that we are much more productive and happy during our work shifts if we have had our meds for the day. Do you know a human that doesn't suffer from some form of A.D.D.? We sure don't know any of those.. all of us here believe strongly in the healing benefits of psychedelics and mushrooms in general. Blessings to you on your healing journey.

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Is Astrology Real? Will I go to hell for getting a reading from you?

Absolutely it is real! Astrology has been used since before written language and so wrap your head around that. It was also used by the Magi to predict and find baby Jesus in the Bible. JP Morgan said common folk don't use astrology but Billionaires do. Our belief is that using this service that was once only available to Kings, Queens, and Emperors can save you from feeling the 3D Hell that can be this life... Understanding your own personal astrology is the most Sacred way of seeing your Divine place in this vast world. This life can be Heaven or Hell it's all about how you live it. 

Also, a Rabbi said if you know how to read charts and yet you don't, no one shall speak or do business with you and so... chart reading it is! Be Mellow friends and have some Mushrooms!

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